Birthday in the kitchen

Birthday in the kitchen

Festive dishes on a festive day

We invite you to host a very special birthday party for your child. Birthday child and their friends will become members of a real professional kitchen team. They will have fun and learn many new things.
We will prepare festive invitations that the child sends to his / her friends. A week before the celebration, young chef comes for a consultation with our professionals. Together, they select four dishes that they will prepare together and discuss the working method. On the big day, the children, chef and kitchen team prepare the dishes for the festive lunch together. Our photographer makes sure that the event is properly recorded.
The birthday child will be given a chef’s hat, a booklet containing recipes for the dishes made, photographs from the party and a small surprise. And, last but not least, an unforgettable experience!

Price: €25 per child (minimum 6 and maximum 12 children)
Duration: 3 hours
The price includes the preparation of invitations, consultation between birthday child and chef, cooking of four dishes with our professional chef and his staff, learning cooking skills, festive lunch that the children helped prepare, healthy drinks (juice and water), and use of aprons. Also, gifts for the birthday child: chef’s hat, booklet with recipes, photographs, surprise.
Additional cost: cake – the price depends on the size and type.


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