Birthday in the Kitchen

Birthday in the Kitchen

Celebrate with festive dishes on a special day! Treat your child to a unique birthday celebration where the birthday boy or girl, along with their friends, become members of a real professional kitchen, having fun, and learning a lot.

Event Highlights:

  • Design festive invitations sent by the birthday child.
  • A week before the celebration, a consultation with the kitchen chef to select four dishes and plan the cooking process.
  • On the special day, children, along with the chef and the team, prepare dishes for a festive lunch.
  • A photographer ensures that the event is carefully documented.

Package Includes:

  • Preparation of invitations for guests
  • Consultation between the birthday child and the kitchen chef
  • Cooking four dishes with a professional chef and assistants
  • Learning cooking skills and setting up festive table settings
  • Festive lunch prepared by the children
  • Healthy drinks (juice and water)
  • Use of aprons
  • Gifts for the birthday child: chef’s hat, recipe booklet, and event photos

Price: €35 per child (minimum 6 and maximum 16 children)

Duration: 3 hours

Additional Option:

  • Cake (price depends on size and flavor)

Note: Adult guests joining the lunch pay an additional €35 per person.

Comfortable Environment, Pleasant Atmosphere

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