Our guests spend active vacation in Bled. Hiking, cycling, mounteneering, rowing, exploring nature, sights, Triglav National Park etc. Rich, tasty breakfast is of crucial importance and remains the most important meal to many of our visitors.

On the breakfast menu you will find local meats, cheeses, spreads, Slovenian specialties, fruits and veggies. Homemade pastries, croissants, cereals, granola, yogurt, several sorts of bread and fresh buns. We are aware of dietary restrictions and desire for healthy nutrition. Therefore we offer nuts, dried fruits, egg-white omelettes, homemade juices, vegan dishes, gluten-free and lactose-free products by request.

We are exposing some of the classic breakfast dishes, since we prepare them in our own style. Make sure to try Triglav (buckwheat štruklji), Bird of paradise (homemade granola with yoghurt), Railroader (Kranjska sausage with potato salad), Rikli (scrambled tofu with veggies and coconut-curry sauce)… You won’t find a self-service buffet, because breakfast in Hotel Triglav Bled, like lunch and dinner, is served. However, you can order and taste any and every dish.

With delicious food you will surely indulge in the excellent coffee or tea. Don’t forget, tap water in Slovenia is drinkable & delicious. There is no need to buy a new plastic bottle of water every day, when you can get your daily supply of water at breakfast. Do not hesitate to ask any member of our staff to refill your water flask.

Breakfast is served every day between 7:00 and 10:00 and is included in all our offers and packages. If you feel like staying in bed, we will serve the breakfast in your room.

You don’t have to be our hotel guest to enjoy breakfast at 1906. All visitors are welcome to an all-you-can-eat breakfast at the price of 17€ for a great successful day. Reservations are mandatory.


Hotel Triglav Bled
Kolodvorska 33, SI-4260 Bled, Slovenija


call: 00386 (0)4 575 26 10