History of the Hotel

History of the Hotel - Uncovering Traces of the Past

The Famous Year 1906

Hotel Triglav Bled was commissioned by the then mayor of Bled, Jakob Peternelj. It was ceremoniously opened in 1906. In this year, Bled not only gained a new hotel in an elite location but also a railway connection to Vienna. The heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, arrived for an excursion by train in the same year. We take great pride at Hotel Triglav Bled that the heir to the throne refreshed himself here and enjoyed the view of the island and the lake. In 1906, Bled officially gained the status of a tourist attraction as the Provincial Assembly in Ljubljana declared it a resort and an important tourist destination.


Changes in Ownership

When the mayor’s daughter, Marija Peternel, married Ivan Kenda, the hotel came under his management. Kenda had grand plans for the hotel, expanding the property considerably and taking care of its infrastructure. Due to ambitious plans, he incurred significant debt, leading to the Zadružna Gospodarska Bank taking over Kend’s assets in 1937. Hotel Triglav was later acquired at an auction by Zdravko Rus, the grandfather of the current owner, Zdravko Rus. After him, the hotel was inherited by his sister, Ivanka Rus, later married to Trnka. This was followed by the wartime period and years of nationalization when the hotel was owned by the state and did not fulfill its mission. After a lengthy denationalization process, Hotel Triglav was finally returned to the owners, Jani Ivani Trnka, the daughter of denationalization beneficiary Ivana Trnka. Jana Ivana Trnka handed the hotel over to Danja and Zdravko Rus, the current owners.


In 2009, the owners undertook a comprehensive renovation of the hotel, preserving its original appearance and restoring the soul it lost during and after the war. The façade retains beautiful geometric ornamentation, original elements of alpine secession. These geometric elements inside complement nicely with ornaments of alpine secession’s plant style. The famous August Fürster concert grand piano from the 1930s welcomes you in the lobby, enchanting the audience at the 1961 Bled Jazz Festival. Antique objects in all rooms take you back in time: old suitcases, furniture, Ö porcelain, and walls adorned with numerous old photographs and masterpieces by renowned painters.

A Popular Retreat

Hotel Triglav Bled has always been a favorite among those who appreciate friendliness, top-notch services, culinary delights, and the uniqueness of the location. Due to its proximity to the lake, Hotel Triglav has been closely associated with rowers from its opening to the present day. Already in the first year, rowing regatta competitors stayed here, and top domestic and foreign rowers continue to be our regular guests.

Comfortable Environment, Pleasant Atmosphere

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