Gin Twist Workshop

Gin Twist Workshop

When Drink Becomes an Experience!

Embark on a journey of gastronomic exploration at Hotel Triglav Bled with our Gin Twist workshop, a process beautifully coined by the author, Danijel Galjot. The intricacies of this workshop are eloquently introduced by Majda Debevc, a globally recognized expert in spirits:

“In recent times, we have witnessed bold and unusual combinations of food and spirits worldwide, previously deemed inappropriate accompaniments. However, successful creations require knowledge and considerable effort. Danijel systematically explored the pairing of different gin styles with food. I am delighted that he has chosen to share his research and knowledge with many gin enthusiasts through this manual, revealing a new world of possibilities!”

Majda Debevc, WSET3, Leading Expert in Spirits, The Keeper of the Quaich

In every field, especially in culinary arts, imagination, resourcefulness, and audacity are essential for successful innovations. Join Galjot as he introduces you to the world of gin, tonic, and their culinary applications.

Workshop Duration: 3 hours

Workshop Includes:

  • Basics of gin
  • Presentation of Slovenian gins
  • Tasting of various gin styles
  • Petrova’s scale of pairing gin and food
  • Practical examples of good and bad gin twists
  • Creating gin twists with corresponding dishes
  • “Gin Twist” book by Danijel Galjot

Price: €99.00

Minimum Participants: 4, Maximum Participants: 12

Tip: The Gin Twist workshop is an excellent idea for a culinary team-building or an educational enhancement to your vacation. In the realm of pairing gin and food, we will delve into Slovenian gins and their combinations with food. More on the entire theme can be found on the website and in the “Gin Twist” booklet, provided to workshop participants and available for purchase at the Hotel Triglav Bled store.

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